Genevieve "Jenny" Nordine

Genevieve "Jenny" Nordine (DatKooby) is one half of Game Master Monday and composes music using Super Mario Paint on her YouTube channel in her spare time. She plays Zera Orion. Before Bella's Comet, her Tabletop RPG life included making systems of play for her friends to mess around with, since a lot of the time, DnD 5e did not have all the options they wanted in a tabletop setting. 

She still fulfills a similar role for Game Master Monday - running as a side DM, game developer, and occasional player for the many shenanigans Grant gets up to. 

Grant Nordine

Grant is the titular game master of Game Master Monday and serves as the Guide for Bella's Comet. Grant is an award winning actor and writer with credits in stage, film, music, and podcasting. As a Game Master, Grant has played in and ran countless systems as the host of Game Master Monday (you know, the podcast where they play a new one shot in a new system with a new cast every episode?) But as the Guide for Bella's Comet, the opportunity has finally arisen to tell a gripping story over the course of multiple episodes and he couldn't be happier to be doing it with this incredible group. 

When not being the world's greatest game master (allegedly), Grant enjoys gaming, annoying his dog, watching ghost hunting YouTube shows with his wife, reading, and spending way too much money on concerts. 

Leah Huemmrich

Leah is the Producer and DM of Slay the Stars... but one story was never going to be enough for her. During one of their many creativity-fueled discussions, Leah and Grant came up with the idea for Bella's Comet. And here it is! I bet you can't guess the twist. 😉

For Bella's Comet, Leah is playing Astrid Izar- the broken cop trying and failing to make the world a better place.

When not spending all her time, money, and energy on TTRPGs, Leah enjoys reading, gaming, writing, and watching lots of spooky movies.

Favorite Book: Dune by Frank Herbert

Favorite Spooky Movie: The Evil Dead (2013)

Oh, and for those in the knows: Per somnia, ad astra. ✨


Squidsy is the voice of Hermes, but she is also a ttrpg designer and writer at her company “Lost Guide Games”. She has created games like “It’s Hard Being a Magical Girl”, “In the Far Reaches”, and “Neon Shadows”. Squidsy is also a streamer and plays horror games on Twitch with her friends. 

You can find her on Twitter and Twitch as @corrosivesquid and on Blue Sky @lostguidegames.